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100% Cotton Buffer Pads

Welcome to QDR Supply!

HooDad DoRag HuntingHoodThis is a new site as of April, 2017. Here you will find mostly products that we make right here in our own home. These products have come about because we could not find something that adequately met our needs from other suppliers.  So we make our own to our specifications and requirements. And Lo and Behold! You all love them, too!

Like the buffing bonnets. Or the scrubbers. Or the stretchy fleece hoods. Yes, there are the NeckGaiters, HooRags and DoRags but we make them in fleece and they are SO warm and wonderful.

And then there are the manuals. We found that we needed these manuals for our own endeavors and thought that you all would find value in them, too. And you have. Which is wonderful. We are so happy to be able to share that bit of knowledge with you.

All of this site is born from need — our own need to find answers to tough questions. What we have tried to do is to shorten the journey for you by sharing our experiences with you.

Thank you for visiting. We always appreciate your comments and emails so don’t be shy.